The Kelvin-verse, Part 2

Much like Kelvin-verse’s Kirk’s journey wasn’t able to be contained in one film, our examinstion of the Kelvin-verse has spilled over into a 2nd episode! So enjoy part two of our examination of the 3 Kelvin-verse films where we cover Into Darkness and Beyond. It does start to become obvious that this was the 3rd recording we made in one evening and we did have some ales…

The Kelvinverse (part 1)

The Kelvin-verse. The alternate universe created by Nero’s time travelling shenanigans, where we join our beloved characters in a time where they are younger, special effects are bigger and lens flares are everywhere! Join our intrepid 10Backward crew as they examine this re-creation of the beloved original series in the 2009 Star Trek and aim to make the ultimate judgement once and for all whether they are good or plop-plops!