Voyager Beginning and Ending Part 2


Hello lovely listeners, it’s time for part 2 of our discussion about the beginning and ending of Star Trek Voyager. This time we’re mainly discussing Endgame, the finale and the end of the journey.

102 Voyager beginning and end – Part 1

Hello, welcome to the latest 10backward. This time we’re talking Voyager again, originally because last year was the 25th anniversary but this discussion was bumped to 2021 due to circumstances. Anyway, we decided to discuss the pilot and finale and unsurprisingly, we blathered on so much… It’s a two partner! So this episode largely focuses on Caretaker, the pilot and be sure to come back to get more thoughts on Endgame! Enjoy!


101- The cat isn’t a special effect, Noah Averbach-Katz

Hello and welcome to a new episode of 10Backward. We were going to talk about Voyager, but an opportunity came up and instead we bring you an interview with Noah Averbach-Katz, who plays Ryn on Star Trek Discovery! We were so pleased to talk to Noah, who is actually even nicer and cooler than he seems on social media! He’s bloody lovely and we hope you enjoy this chat as much as we did!


Hello! Welcome to our one hundredth flipping episode! We’re delighted we’ve kept going for this long and decided to have a look at why? Why podcast? Why talk about trek? And we enlisted some special guests to help, so we have interviews with Jim Moorhouse of TrekRanks, Ross Webster and Jenn Tift of Snap Trek, Rob Chapman of the TrekBook Club, Rich Masters of T’Pons theatre, Terry Duffelen of Whom Pods Destroy and Andrea of Trek This Out and Team Basement! And thank you listeners for joining us on this journey! We hope you’ve been enjoying our ramblings, we plan to continue for some time yet!

Feel the burn

Hello and welcome to the latest episode of 10Backward. This time we are discussing the first four episodes of season 3 of Star Trek Discovery. Obviously, if your behind on this series then spoiler alert! Otherwise, we hope you enjoy!


Spooky Halloween Special

Hello! We have a special episode this time, we’re joined by patrons Rebecca Lockley and Dan Caseley to talk spooky or scary Star Trek episodes for Halloween! It’s a long chat, so settle in, dim the lights, grab a bowl of Halloween chocolate if that is your preference and prepare to be scared in no real way as we take a silly look at Trek’s spookier side!

Favorite Voyagers Part  2

Welcome to a new episode of 10Backward! This time we’re continuing our conversation about our favourite Voyager episodes, with Rick E and Will still to go, what will they choose? Find out by listening!

Favourite Voyager Episodes – Part 1

Hello and welcome to the latest 10Backward! This time we’re talking our favorite episodes of Voyager, as part of our marking the 25th anniversary. As expected, we talked so much, we’ve split it into two parts, so after this, keep an eye out for part 2 coming soon!



The Lowerdecks Lowdown

Hello and welcome to the latest episode of 10Backward. This time we’re bringing you a new episode where we discuss the first three episodes of new series, LowerDecks. Obviously if you haven’t had chance to watch these yet, spoilers abound so you may wish to hold off till you’ve seen them! Otherwise, go nuts and give it a listen

Enterprise Finales Part 2

Hello and welcome to part 2 of our discussion around the Enterprise finales! This time we discuss the actual, official finale, These are the Voyages… Are we as harsh as we were about Demons and Terra Prime? Has age improved this maligned episode? Find out within!