Homecoming & The Farther Shore

Rob and Rick get together to discuss this Voyager duology that took two months of TrekBookClub to discuss. The crew of the Voyager have reached Earth, but how are things different to when they left? And what might they have brought back with them? Rob and Rick discuss both books story, characters and of course the Twitter conversation.


Section 31 – Abyss

Hello! Welcome to another episode of the Trek Book Club podcast. Rob and Rick discuss the Deep Space Nine novel ‘Abyss’, released as part of an event where each series had a Section 31 novel. They discuss the story and characters and the TrekBookClub discussion that happened on twitter.


Spock’s World

Welcome to Episode 4 of the Trek Book Club podcast, Spock’s World.

Rob and Rick discuss the book Spock’s World, by Diane Duane. As well as discussing the story we will also talk about the reactions of everyone who took part in the Trek Book Club day on Twitter.

Avatar Book 2

After some delay, finally the podcast for the Trek Book Club read of Deep Space Nine, Avatar Book 2! We discuss the book and the twitter discussion we had… a little while ago!

Apologies for the sound issues in the episode, we have identified the problem and it’ll be sorted for the next podcast, which hopefully will be with you before 2032!

Avatar, Book One

¬†Welcome to the first episode of the Trek Book Club podcast! Rob and Rick will discuss August 17’s selected book, Avatar Book One from the DS9 relaunch. As well as their own thoughts, they’ll be covering points from the Twitter discussion from the club.

Please note that there may be some feed confusion as we’ve never tried two before. The Book Club feed should be¬†//lowerdecksradio.co.uk/index.php/category/trekbookclub/feed/ so please try that if you’re having trouble.