Enterprise Finales Part 2

Hello and welcome to part 2 of our discussion around the Enterprise finales! This time we discuss the actual, official finale, These are the Voyages… Are we as harsh as we were about Demons and Terra Prime? Has age improved this maligned episode? Find out within!


The Enterprise Finales – Part One

Hello gentle listener and welcome to a new episode of 10Backward. We are tackling the big issues of the day and discussing the finale of Enterprise, a show that ended about 16 years ago… so you know we’ve had time to think thoughts and come up with the blistering hot takes you expect from us!

The oft held debate is whether the official finale of Enterprise is so bad, we should ignore it and treat Demons and Terra Prime as the real finale. Well, we decide to watch them and discuss this notion! Unsurprisingly, we banged on so much, we had to split it into two, so here’s part one, where we talk about Demons and Terra Prime. Enjoy!


Q2: Q Harder

Hello and welcome to the latest episode of 10Backward. This episode is the continuation of our Q discussion, which is pretty much carrying on our journey through the Q appearances through TNG, DS9 and Voyager. Hope you enjoy! 🖖



Let’s talk about Q!

Hello! Welcome to the latest episode of 10Backward, where we are talking all about that lovable scamp, Q! The rogue entity with godlike powers has been in Trek from the beginning of TNG, and similar concepts from long before. We discuss his appearances, character and stories through TNG, DS9 and Voyager.

Them Flipping kids! Part 2

Hello and welcome to 10Backward! This episode we continue our conversation about kids encountered by the crews of our favourite Sci fi franchise. Make sure you listened to part one so all of this makes sense. (making sense is not guaranteed…)


Them Flipping Kids -Part 1

We’ve got a new episode for you on special early release! We had a chat about the kids of Star Trek. Well we planned to, but realised if we talked about Wesley, Jake, Nog, Naomi and so forth, that would fill 2 episodes and we really wanted to talk about Rascals… So we changed to talk about encountering kids out of the regular cast. And we still banged on so much we had to break it into 2 parts! Enjoy!

Hours of Starship Porn

Hello and welcome to the latest episode of 10Backward. This time we watch and discuss the first movie, The Motion Picture! We’ve planned to do this for ages and finally got around to it. What are our thoughts on this oft derided but also passionately adored cinematic treat? Find out!

Catching Star Trek Fever!

Hello and welcome to the latest episode of 10Backward. This time we are looking at the topical subject of viruses! Viruses have been a staple story subject in Trek through many of it’s iterations and we’ve managed to look at a related episode from each of the first 5 live action series. We have a jolly good chat about how these epispdes present viruses and whay works well… Or doesn’t!

The End!

Hello! Welcome to the latest 10Backward, where we discuss the final episode of season 1 of Star Trek Picard. What a season! The events! The murders! The old friends, new friends and robots! What did we make of this? Find out by listening!