D C Fontana

The latest 10Backward, we look at the influence DC Fontana had on the Trek franchise. From her beginnings on the original series, through to eary DS9, she’s left an indelible mark on Trek and her influence is still felt in todays series.

Trailers and Destination Star Trek

Hello! You may have spotted some new trailers came out recently? We decided to have a chat about them, we discuss the second Picard Trailer and the first Trailer for Discovery season 3, while speculating about what these upcoming shows might entail. We also have a bit of excited talk about the upcoming Destination Star Trek convention!

Where’s her commando raid?

Hello lovely listeners! Continuing the short run of ‘Rick finds good stuff in bad episodes’ (yes, I need a better title!) I’ve recruited the awesome Rebecca Lockley ┬áto join me as we talk Suspicions, from the sixth season of TNG. We examine the flaws and the highpoints of Guinan’s tennis elbow, Crusher’s disobeying orders, a Ferengi scientist and aliens getting massive great holes shot through them! Hope you enjoy!

Ultimate Grumpy Worf

Hello and welcome to the latest episode of 10Backward. We’re having a trial run of something different for the next few episodes. Rick is piloting an idea for a podcast examining the less popular episodes of Star Trek and looking for the good in them. For this first episode, he’s recruited 10Backward co-host, Gemma and they examine Let he who is without sin. Can they find the worthwhile in this much maligned episode?

TNG’s Wacky Season 7 Episodes

Hello and welcome to another episode of 10Backward. This time, we discuss some of the more unusal offerings of The Next Generation’s seventh season! We talk about Masks, Sub Rosa, Emergence and Genesis. We hope you enjoy.

What’s your Damage?

Hello! Welcome to a new episode! This time, the 10Backward crew return to discuss the season 3 Enterprise episode Damage and look at the phenomenon of ‘Captain’s gone bad’. We look at Archer’s decisions and think about times other Captain’s in Trek have had to make the tough choices and whether they always made the right ones.


More Lwaxana! -Part 2

Welcome to the latest episode of 10Backward! We continue our look at the daughter of the fifth house, heir to the holy rings of Betazed and keeper of the sacred chalice of rixx, Lwaxana Troi. How did she do visiting DS9? How were her last TNG episodes? Find out and enjoy!