Rick’s TNG season 3 rewatch

TNG season 3

TNG season 3Recently a tweet on Twitter asked for a top 5 list of episodes from season 3 of Next Generation. ‘Great,’ I thought, ‘there’s some cracking episodes in that season  I’ll easily come up with my top 5! ‘

Yeah, turns out that wasn’t as easy as I thought. There’s just too many brilliant episodes in that season! Yeah I know, what a problem to have right? So I agonized for some time over episodes like Sins of the Father, The Defector, Yesterday’s Enterprise, The Offspring, The Enemy, Who watches the watchers, Best of Both Worlds part 1, A matter of perspective and so forth. I finally whittled it down and tweeted my list. Within half an hour I regretted some choices as I remembered how much I loved other episodes. (I love Tin Man but didn’t put it on my list? What the heck?!) 

The main takeaway I got from this (apart from the pizza I was waiting for while I made the list…  luckily they were busy so I had more time to think) was that I love season 3 of TNG a lot. I remember it well when it started and it seemed like the show stepped up a level from seasons 1 and 2. (Not to disparage those seasons, they got me into Star Trek  in the first place after all!) But  despite those fond memories, I hadn’t rewatched the this season that much. Episoded here and there, with friends or for research for a 10Backward episode sure, but… But what if I did a full season watch through? Really looked at all the episodes together, the season as a whole and most importantly, rewrite my list with the season fresh in my mind? 

So that’s what I’m going to do. I have started and from the off, I had so many thoughts (and lovely people on Twitter asked if I’d recount the experience as I went) that I thought I’d blog the rewatch as I go. This is my intro post and following this I’ll put up my thoughts on Evolution. I hope people find it fun or interesting. 

For reference, my top 5 that I submitted

5 A Matter of Perspective
4 Who Watches the Watchers
3 The Defector
2 Yesterdays Enterprise
1 The Offspring

So let’s boldly go (sorry, couldn’t stop myself) into a season from 30 years ago! 

(With thanks to TrekFanBill for inspiring this) 

Is he really in your basement?

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Andrea is @Vintage1983V on twitter

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