Homecoming & The Farther Shore

Rob and Rick get together to discuss this Voyager duology that took two months of TrekBookClub to discuss. The crew of the Voyager have reached Earth, but how are things different to when they left? And what might they have brought back with them? Rob and Rick discuss both books story, characters and of course the Twitter conversation.


Section 31 – Abyss

Hello! Welcome to another episode of the Trek Book Club podcast. Rob and Rick discuss the Deep Space Nine novel ‘Abyss’, released as part of an event where each series had a Section 31 novel. They discuss the story and characters and the TrekBookClub discussion that happened on twitter.


Podcast of Hell! Wait, no this is good, really!

Hello lovely listeners and welcome back to 10Backward! Pull up a chair, have a drink… wait, take your shoes off, this is a new carpet!

So, this episode, we’re talking about the Voyager two parter, Year of Hell. A heck of an story, this took our crew off in some wild new directions and showed us a vision of Voyager in the most dire of straits. We talk about the highlights, the temporal mechanics and the awesomeness of quality guest actors! Enjoy!

Discovery – Season 2

Hello lovely listeners, welcome to the latest 10Backward. With the recent conclusion of the second season of Discovery, we decided to be up to date and relevant for once and record a reaction episode. In fact, we recorded the day after the finale dropped on Netflix in the UK. And, because it’s a pretty big deal, we are joined in this endeavour by the awesome Rob Chapman, the amazing Dr Jen Howse and the wonderful Ian Howse. We discuss our highlights and lowlights of an ambitious season.

Prime Directive 2 – Put things back where you found them!

Hello, welcome back to 10Backward. Do come in, though wipe your feet. Have a seat, I like your shirt, is it new?

So we’re talking more Prime Directive, this time we’re focussing on the efforts to maintain and uphold the Prime Directive. We hope you enjoy. If you need to go back to part 1, it’s right here!

Romance in the Delta Quadrant

Hello, welcome to another new episode of 10Backward! This episode, released in the month of Valentines Day, we decided to take a look at the romances onboard Voyager! We have a discussion of each pairing and give it a thumbs up or down!

And Porthos saved the ship! – Pets in Star Trek

Hello! Welcome to another episode of 10Backward. This episode, we are discussing the pets we see in Star Trek. What does it say about a character to keep a pet? Should pets go on deep space missions? Whatever happened to that spider O’Brien had? These important questions are all raised and pondered!

A Very Star Trek Christmas

Welcome to our special Christmas episode, where we talk about all those Trek Christmas specials. Wait… Trek almost never even mentions Christmas! What’s that about? We examine this and talk about an episode that is very similar to a popular Christmas movie. Yule love it! (sorry… Not sorry!)