Back together again

If you hadn’t spotted, yesterday, Paramount+ let out a teaser for Picard Season 3. (So if you don’t want any spoilers, stop reading this now, but to be honest, you’ll be doing well to avoid this news until the season start!) Click here if you want to go see it, or watch it again, honestly I’ve watched it a fair few times myself now because…

Well because it’s got them all! The Next Generation Crew. The whole flipping lot of them! Or the big seven at least, depending on your definition of ‘whole crew’. While the news was greeted with much excitement, there were a number of voices popping up to say ‘what about Yar? Or Wesley? Or Ro?’ Well, to be honest, what about them? Tasha is dead, Wesley is off being a Traveller and Ro… Ro’s probably dead too, when the Dominion swept through the demilitarised zone wiping out the Maquis. Sorry guys, until something on screen contradicts that, that’s what I believe.

Anyway, pushing aside that, the news itself. This is pretty incredible stuff right? I’m going to be an emotional mess when this season airs because… well I was in absolute tears while watching Nepenthe. I got emotional this season when Guinan appeared! But the whole lot of them? We’re going to see Worf? Geordi? BEVERLY CRUSHER!!! At last!

If you’re keeping up with the twitter accounts of certain producers on the show, you may have seen they’re saying this isn’t just cameos. The big seven will be back together for this story, it’ll be ship bound and it’ll be a ‘send off’. I mean, we can all speculate for a long time about the meaning of ‘send off’ and we probably will do, but I’m taking this that it’ll be the last time we can expect to see them all together. Which is fine, Picard is way more than I ever expected anyway, I’d resigned myself to Nemesis being the end of it and so these three seasons of Picard are a massive bonus for me.

We can also speculate what this means for Trek shows in the future. If this is well recieved, will they look favourably on reuniting the DS9, Voyager or Enterprise casts? Can we expect more nostalgia kicks in other shows? Who knows.

For now, I’m putting off speculating for a bit. I’m just going to bask in this news. I didn’t expect it, I didn’t dare let myself want it. But it’s happening and I’m overjoyed. Because this crew, they were the ones that started it for me. Way back, years ago, Next Gen was my introduction to Trek. They were my example, my guides to the idea of a better future and while I might not be feeling it likely with the current state of society, that makes them more of a comfort than ever before. Like many who tell their stories of what Trek meant to them, I was a kid who struggled, finding his place, finding his identity and now, as an adult discovering he has autism, a lot of that makes sense to me, but doesn’t lessen the fact that Star Trek and TNG in particular was a huge help to me getting through that. That’s where I discovered acceptance, saw someone who was loved and accepted despite his struggles in social situations, saw people who would stand up for the right thing and had a substitute family in these characters. (Unless I suggested a four shift rotation… That’s Riker’s hard limit for acceptance!) One of my favourite scenes is in Insurrection, when the Enterprise is on it’s way to the Ba’ku homeworld, Picard and Geordi have a conversation about a torque sensor misalignment. It’s absolutely nothing, really adds nothing to the story, but it’s a great scene because it showed me I could literally watch a 2 hour movie of these characters doing nothing but the day to day admin of running a ship. Because they mean that much to me. So yeah, I’m just going to bask in this news for a bit.