We’ve been yelling about it on social media for a few days now, 10Backward have been asked to join the Trek for Ukraine event happening tonight, Friday March 4th, for a full 24 hours of live podcast streaming. Well, we aren’t podcasting for 24 hours! But a number of podcasts are and we’re on at 9pm GMT March 4th, for an hour of talking about the top ten Next Generation episodes.

So what’s this all for? Well you probably have seen the news about the situation in Ukraine, with the Russian invasion. There’s terrible things happening there and the people of Ukraine need help. So this event has been dreamed up and organised by the wonderful folk over at Clonestar podcast to raise some money for the Red Cross appeal.

We’d love it if you can come join us, it’s a live stream, so you can join in, add comments and interact with us as we talk! And we highly recommend you check out the awesome line up of other podcasts that are participating.

The stream is available here: https://t.co/Uiz9gOx018

And donations can be made here: https://t.co/Uiz9gOx018

And huge thanks to Sean and Seo at Clonestar podcast for getting this going, we’re so happy and proud to be involved and hope we can make an impact.