Discovery Season 4 Trailer

This last weekend saw NYCC happening and while they had an incredible looking display going on for the upcoming Star Trek Prodigy, a new trailer for season 4 of Discovery has dropped. I’d almost say ‘quietly dropped’ but there is nothing quiet about this trailer! We’re in for some action! But also there’s a lot more to unpick from this.

If you’ve not seen it yet and wish to, it’s right here!

So some initial thoughts (and if you’re someone who likes to go in blind, with no trailers, I would leave this page right now and we’ll see you in November!)

Is Burnham going to be ok? There’s a part early on where she’s being shaken around and there’s a really nasty crunching sound.

The trailer wants to emphaise all our characters will be back, we get to see them at various points, reassuring us that Saru, while not captain now, will be in this season, Adira and Gray will also be there. We see Owokesun in some sort of fighting ring, the lovely Dr. Culber, Detmer and Reno also have brief lines in the trailer and Tilly is prominant onscreen and providing an opening voice over. Stamets is seen, but not enough for my liking, but thats more about me being a big old Stamets fanboy! Book is heavily featured and it looks like he’ll play a big role alongside Burnham again this season. And yes, his cat is there too!

As a previous teaser showed, it looks like the season story revolves around an anomaly that poses a threat to the galaxy. That’s vague still so I’m interested to get into the specifics of this. If I had to speculate (and I do, otherwise this is going to be a pointless post) I’d say the thrust of this season is maybe less the anomaly itself and about the Federation reacting to it? Not that the anomaly isn’t going to be a big deal and I would guess that a lot of action and adventure will come of it, but there’s a lot of lingering shots of other races here. The Ni’Var are in evidence and the Federation president is heavily involved. (One shot seems to suggest the Ni’Var rejoin the Federation as we see the President handing a Federation flag in some sort of formal ceremony. Could we see the rebuilding of the Federation in the face of certain destruction? That seems promising, given Saru’s pontifications about the potential for a renessaince of the Federation I would love to see that idea bearing fruit.

What I’d like to see is Burnham’s journey this season about her being Captain. So bear with me here because I’m about to say something that will sound crazy, but I like Star Trek: Into Darkness (seriously, stay with me!) for the way, viewed with Star Trek 09 we see Jim Kirk gain the chair and then learn what it means to be Captain. And I want to see Burnham take this journey to. (But not with a new Khan or magic blood, her own journey!) We know the crew of Discovery will follow Michael into hell, or at least the far future, now she’s Captain that’s an even bigger responsibility and I think Burnham is such a great character and Sonequa plays her so flipping well that we’ve got some great story potential in exploring that.

Also I want to see more Stamets! I say this every season, I don’t get enough Stamets! He ended season 3 really pi$$ed off at Burnham and I want to see this played out and him to carry on being Space Dad with Culber to Adira and Gray!

Finally, it’s easy to overlook with the way effects are these days, but this trailer is packed with gorgeous shots of the Discovery! That ship… I wasn’t sure about her at the start but she’s grown on me and I’m absolutely in love with her now.

So, not a deep dive into every frame, there’s plenty of articles out there that’ll do that with far more patience and diligence than I can, but a few thoughts and hopes for next season from it.

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