So DST 2018 was announced. It will be in Birmingham in October. Much like 2016’s event actually!

DST 16 was my first Star Trek Convention. I have to thank my imaginary friend Nile for encouraging me to go, for years I’ve resisted going to conventions. I don’t really know why. A bit of social anxiety I guess, possibly a fear that it wouldn’t be as good as I hoped, I don’t know. And once I’d got married and had two children I completely dismissed it, I had big responsibilities I couldn’t take a weekend away and spend the precious family funds on something like that. So initially when Imaginary Nile suggested it I said no.

But I was a bit sad to.

I mentioned to my lovely wife that Nile had asked but I couldn’t justify it  so I’d refused. She took a different view that maybe I should do it. I think she pointed out that if she wanted to go on a spa weekend with her friend, I would happily have a weekend with the kids and wave her off. Which I would, she works damn hard for our family and fully deserves something like that. Apparently she feels that I should also have fun?!

To be honest, I was not difficult to persuade there and before long Imaginary Nile and I were making our plans. We booked tickets and I attempted to book a photo with Jonathan Frakes because Riker is my all time favourite. Then Frakes cancelled. So I wondered who else to book. My wife again enters the tale and suggests I get a photo with William Shatner. But he’s so expensive! I replied. She pointed out when would I get another chance? Maybe never. And I thought about the fact that if I’d started going to con’s years ago, I might have met Leonard Nimoy, of course I never would now no matter how many I went to.  So resolved, I booked to meet Shatner and Nikki deBoer.

Long story short, it was an amazing 3 days. It’s difficult to describe the atmosphere there, it’s a mass of excitement and shared love for Trek. It’s really odd (in a good way) to suddenly find yourself amongst thousands of people who love Trek the way you do and then to be able to express that to the people who helped make it! Getting to sit in talks where the actors are there taking your questions, seeing them in real life… it’s pretty incredible. I came home the Sunday night exhausted and blown away by the experience I’d had.

I realise that a lot of people had issues with the way the event was organised, reading the forums there were a lot of complaints. However, this was my first con so either I wasn’t aware these things were unusual or bad or I was lucky and avoided the problems. Either way, the organisers have acknowledged these problems and addressed them with a post on facebook explaining the ways they are tackling these for next year.

So after the announcement of 2018, I immediately began to make plans! First thing was to ask my wife if she wanted to go on a spa weekend soon! Got a year and a bit to save some serious cash for this one. I contacted Imaginary Nile. And I’m getting Richard and Will to come with me! This is going to be interesting as they are in the position I was in for 2016, so they may be looking to me as the experienced conventioneer! Which is crazy as I only went to one! But I do go on about it a lot!

At this point, I don’t know what guests will be there, apart from William Shatner, Linda Park, Armin Shimerman, Aron Eisenberg and Max Grodenchik. We’ve been coming up with our personal wish lists, obviously I still want to get a Frakes picture. But there’s so many awesome people in Trek, I’ll be happy to get anyone.  I’m also looking to meet up with Trek fans I’ve connected with on Twitter. Since DST in 2016 I’ve become a lot more vocal about Trek on twitter and engaged with a lot more fans. Again, I’m kicking myself I didn’t do it sooner, because there are some lovely people out there and rather than ignoring me or being mean to me as my anxiety fears insisted they would, they are welcoming and friendly and always up for talking about Trek. Who knew?!

Come October next year, all being well, 10Backward will be at Destination Star Trek. My hope is that we will do daily podcasts to launch shortly after.  I can’t wait to go back into DST and I can’t wait to introduce my friends to this world. And if you, our listeners are going to be there, please come say hi! (If Frakes is there, I’ll be the one running around waving my picture with him freaking out about it for 3 days straight!