At 10Backward, we tend to record our episodes in batches. This works for us, we don’t live that close together and have various things going on with our lives so we’re not in a position to get together weekly or even fortnightly. Therefore we tend to congregate monthly and record 3 to 4 episodes together. We find this works for us at the moment and this will probably be how we do it for the foreseeable future.
What we do well in advance is pick our topics. Early in July we will be recording and the topics we’ve picked are:
Tuvok, as we will hopefully be meeting Tim Russ at a local Comic-Con, (// we want to honour one of Trek’s top Vulcan’s.

Little Green Men, as this recording is close to the anniversary of the Roswell Incident, let’s talk about Trek’s take on Earth’s real First Contact!

In defence of Star Trek V: The Final Frontier. Not to be deterred by our mixed results in defending Nemesis, we decided we’d try to find the positives in another of Trek’s most maligned instalments.

As always, we’d love to hear from our listeners. Trek is a huge and diverse subject and while the 3 of us in 10Backward do try and do our research, we’ll never find out all the stories or see all the angles, even if there were 1000 of us. (Though it’d get difficult to get a thousand of us round Will’s dining table and near the mic!) So if you have any thoughts or feelings on those topics, let us know. As always, our twitter handle is @10backward, our facebook group is // our email is We’d love to hear from you on any of those topics, or about how you’re liking the podcast so far. If you get in touch, we may well use it in the podcast! (But don’t let that put you off…!)