Will Loves Yesterday’s Enterprise

Hello 10Backward listeners. Our latest episode is all about the TNG ep, ‘Yesterday’s Enterprise’. Now, one of our number REALLY loves this episode. He’s actually going bananas on it. So expect to hear some passionate enthusiasm and strangely, a blackboard diagram of diverging timelines.

In a podcast.

Yep, 10Backward is the podcast that brings you a visual aid to an audio medium!

Happy Birthday DS9 – Past Tense

So, 10Backward host Rick (Everson) flipping loves Past Tense, the DS9 2-parter that depicts the Bell Riots of the 21st Century. He’s constantly banging on about social commentary at it’s best in Trek and what it said when the episode aired and how even more relevant it is today.




But what of the rest of the 10Backward gang? Do they agree? Do they tolerate Rick’s passion? Or do they cut him down with well reasoned arguments? Or scatological humour?

Find out by listening to our analysis of Past Tense!