War! Part 3 – Deep Space 9 and the Dominon War

10Backward return to our examination of War in Star Trek. After looking over TOS, TNG, VOY and ENT, we head to the Bajor sector to see how War is portrayed on Deep Space 9.

Little Green Men

At 10Backward we like to break up our grim and epic discussions of War! with lighter moments… and what’s lighter than a Ferengi episode? But is this just a Ferengi episode? Or is it, finally, the real truth of what happened at Roswell? Weather balloons  are not the answer… Join us as we mark the recent anniversary of the Roswell incident with the chain smoking army, 3 time displaced Ferengi and Odo as a dog!

War! Part 2 – TNG, VOY & ENT

Part 2 of our discussion about War in Star Trek. Following Will’s dive into the wars of The Original Series, Richard and Rick examine The Next Generation, Voyager and Enterprise.

War! Part 1, The Original Series


Part 1 of our 4 part mini-series where we look at how Star Trek deals with War! In this first part, Will leads the 10Backwards crew on a journey through war as depicted in The Original Series.


In this episode, the guys discuss the USS Voyager’s 1st officer, Chakotay, who they generally remember as being a bit boring. Is this fair though? Was he actually a decent First Officer and a fair depiction of a Native American in space?

We find out what they think now that they’re older, maybe a bit wiser, and have watched some VOY episodes that put him in the centre of the plot


The 10Backward crew discuss ‘Tropes’. Those recurring themes, frequent occurrences that crop up in Trek. In what might well become a recurring subject, (our own Trope!) Richard, Will and Rick have each picked a Trope to talk through. So tune in and be regaled with the stories of Off-screen battles, the travails of Harry Kim’s doomed love life and Holodeck malfunctions.

In Defence of Nemesis

Star Trek Nemesis… a much maligned final entry into the TNG film series. Did it kill the franchise? Well, always ones to take a different path, the 10Backward crew attempt to mount a defence for Nemesis. Maybe killing the Franchise is a bit more complex than one film. Maybe there’s other factors affecting the box office. Maybe the story has hidden depths… Do we succeed? Listen to find out!

4. Discovery

We are all excited about Star Trek Discovery! So what do we know so far? Rick gives us his rundown of the events up to early May 2017 and Will and Richard join in with all their hopes for the new series. As always, the hardest battle is staying on subject!

Please note, due to our schedule, some more casting news came out almost immediately after recording and even bigger reveals were made just the day before release with the trailer further news. We will be releasing an addendum special episode to keep up to date shortly. This will be a regular release to keep on top of all Discovery news up to release.

Welcome to 10Backward

We’ve launched the site and gone straight into our podcasts, but I thought it worth a quick post just to give a bit of detail on what we’re up to.

So, this podcast was the idea of Richard. He and Will have done a couple of radio shows together though for various reasons those have come to an end. Richard wanted to continue things in some vein and suggested a Star Trek podcast to Will and Rick. We pick a specific topic for each episode and then plan our approach and do some serious research into the area. Some of that research is scouring the web for interviews and articles and some is watching Star Trek. Not a terrible way to spend our time! Our format is roughly an hour long episode per topic and we plan to release at least two episodes a month. We will hopefully be interspersing these releases with other Trek related blog posts on various subjects.  We are hoping to attend more fan events like conventions and will report on these in podcasts and blogs too.

We have a presence on Twitter and on Facebook and are looking to link up with the larger Trek Community both in the UK and worldwide. If your reading this, then hopefully you’ve tried our podcast and hopefully you enjoyed it! Please do leave us some comments if you have feedback and if you want to join the discussion let us know your thoughts on our topic. We will start announcing our upcoming topics so if you have ideas to throw at us please do so.

We will shortly be doing a show all about Chakotay, so if you have anything you want to share about Voyager’s first officer, let us know. If it sparks a discussion we’ll mention it on the show.