Romance in the Delta Quadrant

Hello, welcome to another new episode of 10Backward! This episode, released in the month of Valentines Day, we decided to take a look at the romances onboard Voyager! We have a discussion of each pairing and give it a thumbs up or down!

Space Dinosaurs!!

Our latest 10Backward discusses the Voyager episode ‘Distant Origin’. What do we make of the idea of super advanced dinosaurs? Is that even a valid question, as they sound awesome!!? But Distant Origin is an episode that takes some risks, breaking the standard template for episodes. Does it pay off?

The Voyager Conspiracy

Rick Palmer flipping loves conspiracy theories! So naturally, 10Backward would soon indulge in a discussion about the Voyager episode, The Voyager Conspiracy.
Or would we?
Or is that what we want you to think?
Yes it is. That’s what we did.
But why? Was there a secret, more sinister purpose behind ‘discussing’ this ‘episode’????
No… stop it, this is weird now…

War! Part 2 – TNG, VOY & ENT

Part 2 of our discussion about War in Star Trek. Following Will’s dive into the wars of The Original Series, Richard and Rick examine The Next Generation, Voyager and Enterprise.


In this episode, the guys discuss the USS Voyager’s 1st officer, Chakotay, who they generally remember as being a bit boring. Is this fair though? Was he actually a decent First Officer and a fair depiction of a Native American in space?

We find out what they think now that they’re older, maybe a bit wiser, and have watched some VOY episodes that put him in the centre of the plot

Welcome to 10Backward

We’ve launched the site and gone straight into our podcasts, but I thought it worth a quick post just to give a bit of detail on what we’re up to.

So, this podcast was the idea of Richard. He and Will have done a couple of radio shows together though for various reasons those have come to an end. Richard wanted to continue things in some vein and suggested a Star Trek podcast to Will and Rick. We pick a specific topic for each episode and then plan our approach and do some serious research into the area. Some of that research is scouring the web for interviews and articles and some is watching Star Trek. Not a terrible way to spend our time! Our format is roughly an hour long episode per topic and we plan to release at least two episodes a month. We will hopefully be interspersing these releases with other Trek related blog posts on various subjects.  We are hoping to attend more fan events like conventions and will report on these in podcasts and blogs too.

We have a presence on Twitter and on Facebook and are looking to link up with the larger Trek Community both in the UK and worldwide. If your reading this, then hopefully you’ve tried our podcast and hopefully you enjoyed it! Please do leave us some comments if you have feedback and if you want to join the discussion let us know your thoughts on our topic. We will start announcing our upcoming topics so if you have ideas to throw at us please do so.

We will shortly be doing a show all about Chakotay, so if you have anything you want to share about Voyager’s first officer, let us know. If it sparks a discussion we’ll mention it on the show.