Destination Star Trek – Day 2

Destination Star Trek is a 3 day event, so naturally we recorded a second podcast to get more detail in! Rick, Will and Rick are joined by Rob Chapman (@TrekkieRob) and Kevin Stanley (@freelancekevin) to recap their experiences for day 2 of DST, which include a Horta, meeting cosplayers and much more.

Destination Star Trek 2018, Day 1

3 of us from 10Backward visited the UK trek convention known as Destination Star Trek over the 19th to 21st October 2018. Here we discuss our experiences and thoughts of Day 1, including Doug Jones being dubbed, Walter Koenig forgetting the Psycorps, roadside picnics, car park undressing and much more! We are joined by special guests, Rob Chapman (@TrekkieRob on twitter), Nick Loven (@nrloven) and Kevin Stanley (@freelancekevin)

Space Doughnut stuck on the History Channel

In the latest 10Backward, we take a look at the classic episode, The City on the Edge of Forever. As well as discussing the episode, we also consider Harlan Ellison’s original story and the changes made between page and screen.

And we wander off on tangents and discuss talking time doughnuts… Because us.

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Dax! Or Daxes? Or Daxii…?

This episode we are talking about one of our favourite Trill symbionts, Dax!  (We are Trill-seekers at 10Backward!) Join us as we discuss the time of two Dax (Daxes, Daxs??) on Deep Space Nine.

Fungi, Mycelium and Amok Time

Welcome to the  latest episode of 10Backward. This is a very special episode, where we interview John Holladay, Director of Marketing at Fungi Perfecti, the company set up by the real life Paul Stamets. We talk to John about real Stamets and Discovery Stamets, the possibilities of mycelium both in the real world and Star Trek and a lot of other stuff in between. John is a big Trek fan, so this was a fun talk for all of us. Hope you all enjoy it!

Section 31

Welcome listeners, to the latest episode of 10Backward, where we discuss Section 31. Are they the Federation’s secret saviours or secret shame? We analyse the ideas behind them, the real world inspirations and what this says about the utopian vision of the future.

Will Loves Yesterday’s Enterprise

Hello 10Backward listeners. Our latest episode is all about the TNG ep, ‘Yesterday’s Enterprise’. Now, one of our number REALLY loves this episode. He’s actually going bananas on it. So expect to hear some passionate enthusiasm and strangely, a blackboard diagram of diverging timelines.

In a podcast.

Yep, 10Backward is the podcast that brings you a visual aid to an audio medium!

Space Dinosaurs!!

Our latest 10Backward discusses the Voyager episode ‘Distant Origin’. What do we make of the idea of super advanced dinosaurs? Is that even a valid question, as they sound awesome!!? But Distant Origin is an episode that takes some risks, breaking the standard template for episodes. Does it pay off?