Will Loves Yesterday’s Enterprise

Hello 10Backward listeners. Our latest episode is all about the TNG ep, ‘Yesterday’s Enterprise’. Now, one of our number REALLY loves this episode. He’s actually going bananas on it. So expect to hear some passionate enthusiasm and strangely, a blackboard diagram of diverging timelines.

In a podcast.

Yep, 10Backward is the podcast that brings you a visual aid to an audio medium!

Space Dinosaurs!!

Our latest 10Backward discusses the Voyager episode ‘Distant Origin’. What do we make of the idea of super advanced dinosaurs? Is that even a valid question, as they sound awesome!!? But Distant Origin is an episode that takes some risks, breaking the standard template for episodes. Does it pay off?

One Little Ship

The 10Backward crew, (with the oddest feeling that something is missing) gather to discuss what could be considered DS9’s most daring efforts, the little ship… that took a little trip.

The Cage

The crew gather once again in 10Backward to discuss the first ever Star Trek. Yes, with the appearance of Pike’s Enterprise in the Discovery finale, we thought we’d have a look back at the original Captain Christopher Pike and how well The Cage worked as the pilot to Star Trek as we see it today.

The Maquis

The 10Backward crew journey into the Badlands this episode to look at The Maquis. This group, separating from the Federation were a new concept that gave us the chance to say ‘so what is so good about the Federation?’ We also got to take a good look at the price of peace. So were the Maquis good guys or bad guys? Were their motives pure or misguided? We take a look.

Chief O’Brien!

For this week’s upcoming St Patrick’s Day, the 10Backward crew snuck into 10 Forward and pilfered Guinan’s Guiness stash! We then legged it back to 10Backward and proceeded to drink the health of Miles Edward O’Brien, because the poor man has suffered… hear what we have to say about him and his stories!

Happy Birthday DS9 – Past Tense

So, 10Backward host Rick (Everson) flipping loves Past Tense, the DS9 2-parter that depicts the Bell Riots of the 21st Century. He’s constantly banging on about social commentary at it’s best in Trek and what it said when the episode aired and how even more relevant it is today.




But what of the rest of the 10Backward gang? Do they agree? Do they tolerate Rick’s passion? Or do they cut him down with well reasoned arguments? Or scatological humour?

Find out by listening to our analysis of Past Tense!

The Voyager Conspiracy

Rick Palmer flipping loves conspiracy theories! So naturally, 10Backward would soon indulge in a discussion about the Voyager episode, The Voyager Conspiracy.
Or would we?
Or is that what we want you to think?
Yes it is. That’s what we did.
But why? Was there a secret, more sinister purpose behind ‘discussing’ this ‘episode’????
No… stop it, this is weird now…

Will You Take My Season Finale?

Following the emotional fallout of Star Trek Discovery’s first season drawing to a close, we recorded an immediate, off the cuff, free wheeling reaction to it. Two days later! Rick Everson joins the crew via a pre-record on this episode due to internet problems, or perhaps as Rick Palmer suggests, because he is trapped in the bath.