More Lwaxana! -Part 2

Welcome to the latest episode of 10Backward! We continue our look at the daughter of the fifth house, heir to the holy rings of Betazed and keeper of the sacred chalice of rixx, Lwaxana Troi. How did she do visiting DS9? How were her last TNG episodes? Find out and enjoy!

Podcast of Hell! Wait, no this is good, really!

Hello lovely listeners and welcome back to 10Backward! Pull up a chair, have a drink… wait, take your shoes off, this is a new carpet!

So, this episode, we’re talking about the Voyager two parter, Year of Hell. A heck of an story, this took our crew off in some wild new directions and showed us a vision of Voyager in the most dire of straits. We talk about the highlights, the temporal mechanics and the awesomeness of quality guest actors! Enjoy!

Utopia or Dystopia?

Hello lovely listeners! So nice to see you! If you’re here for one of them 10Backward episodes, you’re in luck! We have a discussion about whether the Federation is a Utopia or a Dystopia! Yep, light-hearted stuff! Who remembers when we talked about pets?!! Anyway, it is actually a pretty good discussion, enjoy!

Best of Both Worlds

Hello lovely listeners! Welcome to a new episode of 10Backward. This episode, we are joined by the lovely Ross, from Snap Trek to discuss The Best of Both Worlds, TNG’s noted two parter with the cliffhanger to end all cliffhangers! Enjoy!

Discovery – Season 2

Hello lovely listeners, welcome to the latest 10Backward. With the recent conclusion of the second season of Discovery, we decided to be up to date and relevant for once and record a reaction episode. In fact, we recorded the day after the finale dropped on Netflix in the UK. And, because it’s a pretty big deal, we are joined in this endeavour by the awesome Rob Chapman, the amazing Dr Jen Howse and the wonderful Ian Howse. We discuss our highlights and lowlights of an ambitious season.

Prime Directive 2 – Put things back where you found them!

Hello, welcome back to 10Backward. Do come in, though wipe your feet. Have a seat, I like your shirt, is it new?

So we’re talking more Prime Directive, this time we’re focussing on the efforts to maintain and uphold the Prime Directive. We hope you enjoy. If you need to go back to part 1, it’s right here!

Prime Directive – Don’t Worry, Be Happy!

Hello! Welcome to another episode of 10Backward, a Star Trek podcast from merry old England.

This episode we decide to take an in depth look at the Prime Directive. One of Trek’s mainstays and the motive for many a good story, this subject is a biggie! So we decided to do 2 parts! This is part one, where we look at times the Prime Directive was not a barrier or even that big a concern! Hence the title! We hope you enjoy this episode and return for part 2!

The Counselor is in

Welcome to another episode of 10Backward. This episode, we are talking about the role of the Counselor on Star Trek. We’re joined by Dr Alice Turland, as we examine three episodes, Hollow Pursuits, Hero Worship and Afterimage to see how the approaches taken by Troi and Ezri Dax compare to the real world techniques.


Here at 10Backward, we like to tackle the meaty issues. The really deep subjects. We get experts on to discuss the scientific principles. We examine the cost of war. We talk about pets!

So this episode… well, we all picked some characters and played a big game of ‘Who would win in a fight?’. Ok, it’s not the most intellectual fare, but you know, we got to discuss some characters from a whole new perspective! So here it is, hope you enjoy!