This is the Lower Decks Radio team.



Richard has been a fan of Star Trek since childhood, despite being traumatised by the Sand Eel/Chekov’s Ear scene in Wrath of Khan at an early age. Rarely a week goes by that an episode of one of the series won’t be watched (usually for him Netflix and Chill is literally just that), and then discussed with either Rick or Will. Hence the podcast!

He studied for a degree in Archaeology, so naturally now works in an office. If someone turned up with a Kurlan Naiskos though, he’d be pretty excited (if you don’t get that reference, shame on you!) Previous broadcast experience includes hosting two radio shows on community radio with Will – “The Cabinet of Curiosities” and “The Saturday Alternative”. Hopefully third time is the charm with 10 Backward, broadcasting wise.

In his spare time Rick enjoys reading, watching movies and drinking ale. Sometimes in that order, sometimes not. One day, he’d like to adopt a greyhound and keep chickens.

You can find him on Twitter at @Misterimhotep 








Rick has been a fan of Trek since 1990 when he first watched The Next Generation and was hooked. Occasionally referred to as a humanoid version of the Star Trek Encyclopaedia, Rick loves Trek’s for its optimistic outlook that humanity can not only refrain from destroying itself but also embrace every part of itself and move beyond prejudice and selfishness.

When not watching Star Trek, Rick has an busy family life with his wife and two children whom he’s slowly converting to Trek. He’s studying for a degree in English Literature and Creative Writing. His writing credit is the film ‘Tell Them of Us’, which has gained him a IMDB entry.

Rick can be found on Twitter @Nerdrick and in Star Trek Online, various characters @jenlomolat.